Blue HEELER roadhouse — 165 km Kynuna

Fat Adapted experiment continued ———

Today I’m testing my theory that If I’m fat adapted i should be able to energise my body without the imperative of eating prior to or during . My ride is about 165 km and I’ve just finished my cup of tea , my only food before hitting the road .

Pre ride blood values

Ketones .7

Glucose 5.3

After 165 km — ride of about 5 hours

No problems with the zero food . Body normal, legs great and the ride was much like yesterday . At just after 100 km to did register a feeling of hunger , but it didn’t persist . Fitbit device calculated the calorie expenditure at just over 3000 calories so I think it’s safe to say , Ive developed an efficient fat burning adaptation/ metabolism. Carb dependent athletes are susceptible to BONKING if they run out of fuel on long endurance events . Not my problem any more 😉

Arrived at the BLUE HEELER Roadhouse and ordered the biggest pork chop I’ve ever seen. “ no chips , salad of vege “ and I’m guessing the chef just thought I needed something special .

Postride bloods

Glucose 5.1

Ketones .6

Relaxed now in my Donga and feeling like I need to rest . Not sure if it’s the 340 km in just 2 rides or the fact I missed breakfast. Probably the former .

That’s a real pork chop
This rare feature in the otherwise barren flat landscape

The new rear wheel feels quick — very happy not to have the worry about roadside spoke replacements . I did however have my first flat tyre today , a short delay .

These last two days have been the 2 longest distances . Interesting data from my sat INREACH device

353 km over 2 days , ride time 10.5 hours and a very quick 34.8 km hour average . All made possible with the flat terrain , some favourable tail winds and the ebike.

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