Recovery ride to McKinley 83 km

After the 2 longest days with over 350 covered I was due for a shorter recovery day , a tad over 80 km to the Little settlement of McKinley , population 30 . Not much to see along the way but more interesting than the magnificent but monotonous prairie like Queensland plains is my precious BOSE speaker . It provides my lifeline to intellectual pursuit and I am a podcast addict delving into all sorts of things that interest me .

With a crisp persistent tail wind I was soon flying and had the fastest ride of this trip to date

The stat of interest is the moving average , an impressive 39 km average . Most of the time I was cruising at about 40-42 km per hour . ( some other numbers now odd as I neglected to turn it off till just now )

McKinley’s claim to recent fame is the crocodile Dundee movie that used this Walkabout Pub as a set .

Weird Stuff happens out here in the outback

I’m on a countdown now , only 2 more rides ( couple of hundy ) and I’ll be at Mt Isa ( THE Isa ) to locals . I’m finishing up at the Isa and will be meeting Barb in Adelaide next week for some more outrageous adventures elsewhere .


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