Penultimate ride 107 km to Cloncurry

Was awake early again , intent on a dawn start as now the nighttime temperatures are much warmer than even one week back . Pushing further north into the warm country. By early arvo the temperatures are topping 30 c so it’s nice to enjoy the cooler mornings .

Some lovely light made for great dawn photos as I left McKinley .

The terrain was such a contrast from the last 1000 km or so. Now some termite mounds can be seen and the road has lots of dips , rises and creek crossings. This country is now real mining territory and today I had several of these huge ore road trains thunder past. The drivers move right into the right hand lane so as to be completely safe in passing cyclists. Never had any scary moments in the last few days .

Yes 53 metres long !!!

Termite mounds like an ancient grave yard

Rolled into Cloncurry by about 11 am and found a cafe in town

” cappuccino, three eggs & bacon please – no bread thanks 🙏 ”

My first meal of the day .

Outskirts Cloncurry , “ Curry “ to locals and Hot As

One comment

  1. Hey Bruce, Its been nearly a year since your last adventure. Are you still on the scene? Have you guys are going OK. Cheers Trev

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