Te Araroa long walk —- NOBO

The definition of a great adventure is one where the destination is so far away that it can’t be contemplated . This propels you into the NOW and allows you to enjoy life in the present moment . Quote Bruce 2022

The journey started from a spot near Rivertown where I was able to Safely park the ute , then walked , hitched to Colac Bay , my start point for the trip.

The walk on day 1 and 2 is thru the Longwood Forest , southern Beach forest heavily mossed with high rainfall and lots of bogs … BIG BOGS

It’s an historic area with old gold mining water sluices and a coupla really old huts . I had an issue after about 20 kms with bad pain from a deep groin muscle spasm and nearly stayed in the first hut with an earthen floor. Pushed thru the pain and made it to Martins hut where I had pleasant company of other TA walkers. Had a rest day here to settle down my issue .

My day off worked a treat as my muscle strain eased nicely . Off early for a very challenging walk . This end of the TA is regarded as really tough due to the boggy sections of deep clinging mud. My decision to wear good boots and decent gaiters fully vindicated. Most TA Walkers use trail shoes and wet muddy feet the outcome in this sort of terrain

Great walk and I contemplated that life feels good . My most pressing decision of the day was the problem that 7 is not divisible by 2 . With 7 eggs to cover the next 2 days I had to decide if today was going to be 4 eggs for lunch or three.

Boiled up 4eggs for lunch after finding my first water source that was drinkable after 5 hours . Was a little thirsty .

Day three was to a great destination at Birchwood Station , a sheep farm where the lovely Sarah was holding a food box for me. A great large hut with mod cons , a hot shower , electricity and nice comfortable chairs . An Oasis after the ultra basic huts of the last 3 nights .

Another day off here , it’s Sunday and the old bod needs a “ consolidation day “ A day to ensure recovery keeps recovering . These big 27 km days have taken an early toll, however fitness is a progressive phenomenon.


  1. Looks like a tough gig walking through the bogs.

    it would be soul destroying had it been raining and without water proof footwear ….and on your own.

    What more important when you get to the hut at the end of walk? A nice meal or a comfortable bed?

  2. Great photos of a muddy walk in less than ideal weather conditions. Thanks for sharing. Strange that yesterday I remarked to Nancy that «it’s been ages since we last heard from Bruce ». You must have been listening. Happy NY and an end to Covid fears. Cheers John

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    • Nice to hear from you John , couldn’t agree more about ending the covid fear , will be an interesting area for historians to record but no 1 account will cover the reality of what happened .
      Are you busy too ?

  3. We backtracked to do Colac Bay to Merriview on Boxing Day. We found the Longwoods less muddy than we had been led to believe, and very beautiful! Sylvia

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