last bike rides in Spain

We have adapted to Spanish living well – late dining and a nice little siesta in the late afternoon. The last 2 days we have had a pattern – I get ready for a 2 hour bike – Barb gets the car and we meet at another new White village and have a lunch and explore the old towns.
We visited El Bosque yesterday – was an incredible ride as I had a climb to an 1103 meter pass before beginning an exhilarating 18 km descent dropping down to about 300 meters.


We had lunch at an ancient town called Arcos – another citadel type Moorish town.

This place in Arcos seemed Arabian in theme and menu – slowed cooked and very hot – mine was a prune and beef dish



Driving our car in some of these narrow lanes has presented heart stopping moments- the locals get real good at it but I have noticed many cars have scrapes on bumpers – the other pics also from Arcos etc

Snack food at the market in Ubrique

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