looking for Her Majesty- 100 km day

There is one one place in the world where you have bankable odds that you might bump into the queen – Balmoral – and by chance our route into the high hills of Scotland took us right past this palace. The day started with cool cloudy conditions and the promise from John that we had a few mean hills to cover today and that we might anticipate that some us us may be forced to walk with some grades exceeding 17%

Early in the ride approaching the first decent hill up to the devils elbow , Cairnwell , a sky field – Bobbie with the boys – she is flying now!


Colin climbing strongly towards the devils elbow

Cafe above Devils Elbow – John and Bill enjoying the warmth inside the cafe – minus 10 out

We stopped at this beautiful town of Braemar after descending from the ski fields above the devils elbow. stayed for a cuppa tea – always a safe option in the UK
Jamie and Marty living dangerously –





David K was terribly disappointed that the queen was not in residence – photo from outside the entrance to Balmoral Palace. We all behaved like Scotsman – refusing to pay the 10 quid entrance fee to get inside the park and inspect HRM ‘s winter retreat / abode.

Colin – small climb just before the lunch stop. Colin is a tool maker / designer / engineer . He loves dogs and has owned a few over the years. As this trip comes to the end his thoughts go to Molly , his beloved pet – the one who gives him unconditional love in unlimited quantity – he is pining for Molly and of course his wife who gives him everything else he requires.


Was a hard last half with some very steep climbs – 17 % in places – the legs screaming for respite that was not given. Final approach was up to another ski field and a fast descent down into Moray country.

Stunning descent into Moray country

We are staying in Timontoul – the highest village in the UK at 1132 feet. Has this amazing whiskey shop doing a brisk trade with tourists passing through. Some amazing single barrel whiskeys of outstanding taste and quality. I succumbed to the sales pitch as did a few of he lads on this trip.

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