Free to fly – Inverness about 85 easy Kms – Kilt in Sinclair Tartan

I had an appointment to see a kilt maker in Inverness – a business called Chisholms who have an established reputation as makers of fine quality Kilts for real men. This meant I had to leave early today ,for a solo ride into Inverness. This was to ensure I has sufficient time to get this transaction properly sorted. My clan tartan is Sinclair – from my mothers side of the family.
Left Tomintoul at about 7.30 am for the 85 km ride to Inverness. Wonderful ride gradually descending through the heather covered Moors into the lower country that suddenly has a lot of gorse and broom flowering simultaneously a vivid yellow contrast with the pasture

One only climb today – but some of the gradients over here can challenge the less than seasoned cyclist!



Doing Lands end —- John O’Groats was for me a sort of once in a life times chance to revisit my origins. As we moved up into Scotland I have had this feeling of being here before. The place my DNA was mixed but not stirred. My distant great great great great grandfather hailed from Caithness where he was a farmer. He emigrated to NZ in the late 1870’s . He had this
reference ——( as opposed to lots of Aussies who had only court case records)

The Minister of the Presbyterian Free Church gave the following reference about George:

“I hereby certify that the bearer George Sinclair is a native of this parish and an adherent of the free Church Congregation here, that he is of a most respectable family, that he bears an entirely unblemished character, that he has always conducted himself in a dutiful and becoming manner, and that I firmly believe that he will be found trustworthy and obliging by anyone securing his services.”

F C Manse James D McCulloch
Latherton 31st August 1878 Minister.

I wonder whether or not George came with his Kilt – I expect he probably did.

The Chisholms Shop , Castle street , Inverness

20130625-160654.jpg</aPerhaps I am related to this business ???????? Maybe – 20 Kms out of Inverness

This photo is using a Chisholm hunting tartan – trying for size – these guys are the experts and the fitting and measuring required to get the correct fit is essential to get a kilt that will be pleasure to wear –took about 90 minutes. Those close to me appreciate that I actually have some affinity to wearing ” lava lava like ” type garments.

This is one of the two Chisholm staff members who assisted me. I expect it may take a couple of months for them to finish and ship my kilt to me in NZ.



Downtown Inverness.

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