Inverness to Liarg – approx 90 frigid Kms- The Blackening

A cool day that didn’t really seem to get a lot warmer. We assembled outside one of the B&B’s for our usual route briefing by John

As we have headed into Scotland there is less possibility of getting hopelessly lost , nevertheless the route still take advantage of minor trails where it can .

Crossing the big bridge nth out of Inverness – the cycle path was closed so we played Russian roulette with the Scots drivers who were surprisingly considerate.



fast pace line driven by Marty – Jamie holding the wheel


Bonar Bridge – our lunch stop – still cool despite Marty and I pushing hard into the wind as we ascended a 5 km gradual climb

Oswald had prepared his normal spread of delectable treats for his boys – we devoured them like hungry seagulls – first in first serve – sorry Judith el al. It was so cool that we had to bring out a wee dram of Belvenie Whiskey – for the real men amongst us!

The yellow Broom as here and also Gorse give this country a beautiful colour at this time if year

Nice pic of Bobbie and Jamie, — Bobbie is Popular with all the boys – she dishes out sweet doses of motherly love and is like a social butterfly flitting between her groups of admirers trying to ensure they all receive a little attention- a hard act to follow


We chanced upon this ” BLACKENING” a local tradition that may explain why many Scotsman may elect to elope with their lovers rather than submit to this barbaric tradition. All the villagers collect buckets of filth – no holds bared – and this sorry looking lad has to endure all of his friends , and enemies throwing disgusting concoctions of craps over him.


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