Dubrovnik – staying inside the ancient walled city

Got very lucky and found a small apartment inside this remarkable old walled city. We have three nights here to soak it all in and enjoy. A long bus ride from Split had us in Dubrovnik by 7 pm – a taxi to the Buza gate where a lovely lady met us and escorted us into the labyrinth of this narrow alley wade city. We are very happy with our comfortable digs for this little exploration.

Only 2 doors up the alley is an incredibly popular restaurant , Lady Pi Pi , – had a queue but we managed to dine there. Simply the most delicious meal we had enjoyed so far in Croatia – and we have had a few.


Lady Pi Pi herself – all liquid refreshments personally passed by management !

Dubrovnik is a very popular tourist attraction and has a reputation to being inundated with cruise ship passengers who are herded into its confines mid morning herded back out by later in the afternoon. If there are several ships in any given day it can become very unpleasantly congested according to locals.


Historical lore indicates that Dubrovnik (Ragusa) was founded in the 7th century on a rocky island named Laus, which is said to have provided shelter for refugees from the nearby city of Epidaurum.

Dr Antun Ničetić, in his book Povijest dubrovačke luke (“History of the Port of Dubrovnik”), expounds the theory that Dubrovnik was established by Greek sailors. A key element in this theory is the fact that ships in ancient times travelled about 45–50 nautical miles (83–93 km; 52–58 mi) per day, and required a sandy shore to pull out of water for the rest period during the night. The ideal rest site would have fresh water source in its vicinity. Dubrovnik has both, and is situated almost halfway between the two known Greek settlements of Budva and Korčula, 95 nautical miles (176 km; 109 mi) apart from each other

Between the 14th century and 1808, Ragusa ruled itself as a free state, although it was a vassal from 1440 to 1804 of the Ottoman Empire and paid an annual tribute to its sultan.[9] The Republic reached its peak in the 15th and 16th centuries, when its thalassocracy rivalled that of the Republic of Venice and other Italian maritime republics





A few pics from my early 6 am ramble through the streets in the inner old city – Barbs still sleeping

Barb decorating our nice little apartment









    • hi Susan , just go online and search for apartments within the walled city – now 2 year ago and can not remember site etc but you will find with a quick search. They say that nowadays locals have moved out mostly and many make income from renting apartments out. But a if you go definitely stay inside the old walled city – huge amount of accommodation outside to avoid. In the early mornings you can enjoy the city with almost no one – before the mad rush as the days tourists engulf it.

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