Sapporo city and onwards 

Had a big day with three significant climbs each topping at close to 600 metres. Spectacular descent to Lake Shikotsu then a long ride around the foreshore before the major climb then run down to Sapporo , capital city of Hokkaido 

No English explanations but guessing these dinosaurs used to frequent these islands – it is an alpine skiing type area 

The hazy horizons in Japan make photography challenging  

Sharlene’s an incorrigible chick magnet. Japanese girls , young and old , can’t resist engaging Sharlene in conversation. Think they like to practice their English 

Almost everyone seems to smoke here in Japan 

Had a rest day which was also a wet weather and high wind day. Nice to be off the bike. Managed to secure a new bike box from a bike shop in town and arrange to have it couriered to Wakkanai , my finish point. Seemed a simple enough mission however with no Japanese language skills it was a challenge.
The bright lights of Sapporo are amazing . This place has a significant amount of under ground shopping areas too as it has a real cold winter.

Was pleased to roll out of Sapporo at about 5 am , and with strong winds pushing north I elected to take the coast road instead of the inland route where I would have had some headwinds. Was an inspired choice. The most amazing section of road with a large number of really long tunnels – think about 2 maybe nearly 3kms long and a bunch maybe 2 km . The traffic was light so the tunnels presented no real problems. I tackled them with relish , settling into my aero position and powering thru at maximum speed. The sooner you are thru the better. Loved this ride , and will rate among the best of them in Japan. A stiff tail wind blowing hard astern had the kms just melt away. By midday I had already passed the 120 km mark. 

Decided to drop the pick at a nice park on the outskirts of the town of Rumoi , and what a magnificent park / campground to have all to myself . Had an Onsen within half a km so all scrubbed up and content for a peaceful evening 


  1. Once again, the photos give a really pictorial tour of the area. It is wonderful that Sharlene is making so many friends. She really needs her own autograph book!

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