Gonna love you for a long long time ! 

CARL AT the ” love motel ” 

Started at 8:15am , a hazy cloudy day that promised rain and possible thunder storms. Out onto the Han river trail and very slowly working our way out towards the countryside. Seoul is huge so this was a mission. Still lots of Korean cyclists out cycling , but as the hours past they started to thin out . An impressive range of bridges cross the Han river , testament to the technological capabilities of the Korean people . 

Early afternoon , with threatening weather and not to mention a few tired bodies we decided to stop at Yangseomyeon , a small run down looking place that boasted a motel — Motel E 

We rode our bikes up to the Motel and  went to investigate the checkin . The glass facade over the checkin area , with a small half round opening of about 250 mm radius , gave the game away – ie A love Hotel 

A peculiar Korean institution that provides privacy for couples needing some time together ( a short time or a long time ) or in our case a place to sleep .

Money is slipped thru the little opening and a key emerges. Carl and I left Rose and Barb outside while we went to negotiate the checkin , and for one horrible moment I thought the ancient wizened old Korean lady thought that Carl and I were checking in together ! 😳

All sorted eventually and we had two keys for two very average rooms . Better than camping I maintained .


Thunder storms the heavy rain rolled thru in the evening , but only after  we had returned from another fascinating dinner out at a local restaurant . Has been a culinary adventure and provides an interesting challenge to Carl and Rose who eat vegetarian . Explaining the concept of ” no meat ” when we have zero Korean language is proving an amusing challenge. Eventually we seem just Order with fingers crossed and see what turns up. So far we have not been too disappointed , plenty of vegetables in the mystery orders.

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