Butt butter , war Games and magic tunnels 

Been a great day on the bike , clear skys and hot weather after a cool start to the day . Had a coffee just before we left at an interesting cafe and after departing the waitress just managed to alert us to the fact that I had left my backpack with wallet and passport behind . Typical of the kindness of Korean folk and happened twice today when a waitress ran after us to return my glasses . Must be more carefuL! 

The trail followed an old railway line for the first hour or two and with many tunnels. The surface is smooth — world class cycle trail. The Koreans can be rightfully proud of what they have .


We cycled thru a major war games exercise which freaked Barb and Carl out , fighter jets screaming overhead and heavy artillery on the move , they were both  reaching for their phones to see if the North Koreans had invaded . Multiple heavy tanks and other amoured vehicles poured thru the general area where we were cycling. 

Little bit freaky to be true

Butt butter — lost in translation 
One of the small things Carl neglected to bring along is his special cream to prevent chaffing and keep the skin healthy around the sit bones. Colloquially referred to as Butt Butter by cyclists. Has been interesting and very amusing witnessing Carl’s attempts to buy something here to suit and so far negative responses

Today we spotted a nice bike shop with fancy stuff and Carl untangled himself from his steed and made for the shop door.

” excuse me sir , do you have any creams for my butt ? ” said Carl using sign language for the area of attention , ie his Butt.

A confused and slightly shocked look emerged from the shop owners face followed by a very emphatic No . Given he appeared to understand no English at all one can only guess at what he thought Carl’s Problem actually was. 😳🤔

Finished the day at another motel – in Yeoju , if not a ” love motel ” most certainly a lovely motel – this time much better accomodation. The management insisted we bring our bikes inside .

 Had a fantastic meal at a nearby duck restaurant , managing the near impossible task of catering for 2 vegetarians and two normal folk 😉

Just having a fantastic time , enjoying the spicy foods and attempting to negotiate Korean menus . The more rural areas simply don’t cater for foreign tourists as does Seoul for example. Part of the challenge here.

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