Busan – last day on the bikes 

The last day was about 75 kms and conditions were fabulous , fine and clear air after the rain of yesterday . The trail was also easy with no real hills left to punish us as we spun out the remaing kms . Had some long sections of boardwalk type trail , built presumably at considerable cost , out over the water . A few kms !!

As we got closer to Busan we started to see many cyclists again on the trail , bit like the busy first day out of Seoul . Found a nice spot for a nice lunch and possibly the best coffee I’ve had all trip . 

We had to cycle up to the last dam of the river , cross the dam and get our very last stamp in our passports , then visit the nearby certification office to get the books validated and stamped inside with special gold embossed emblems . We are also going to get special medals for completing the ” cross country ride ” . The paper work took a while but all completed so they will be mailed to us all in nz. 


The final stamping station and the finish point of the ride. Barbs odometer indicates it was 670 kms all up.

Final dam to cross to finish at the official start / end point 

We retraced back along the trail about 7 kms and then made a bold thrust into the bustling metropolis that is Busan . We plan to abandon all our bike kit here for the next week or so while we make a mad dash across the ditch to Japan . By chance , Korea have a major holiday week that starts this weekend , and things become difficult as accomodation is going to be hard to find.
Had a wonderful celebratory dinner out with Carl and Rose in a particularly vibrant and colourful restaurant area close to our motel . 

To Barbara I said , ” you are now an accomplished cycle tourist ” !! She rides well and is so much stronger and more confident as a cyclist now . 

All up we paddled and rode bikes for something over 2700 kms. Time for a we rest now .


  1. I wonder if you remember me. I am Ron Yoon Sik, we had ride for an hour near by Nagdong River in Korea and took a picture with last year
    Congratulations on your completion of Korea Cross Country Road. I finished “ Korea Cross Country Road and 4 River Country Road But I have 4 Challenges for Grand slam

    I have always admired your challenge. I want to travel around the world someday. But now I have to take responsibility as father and husband
    . From your friend “Ron Yoon Sik

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