Shortcut to Birdsville

In an effort to make up a little time and get my ride back on schedule I decided to see if I could find a suitable lift to get me to the start of the real reason I’m here , ie The Birdsville Track .

Asked the publican at Boulia if she had any ideas , and yes , she came up trumps with an agreement that if I turned up at a certain time , don’t be late hear ! , then yes I could get a free lift to Debourie ( about 192 kms )

The driver was a bit of a rough diamond , an older kiwi bloke ,

“ been here since 1986 driving trucks “ , and now calls Australia Home.great bloke , he refused my offer of paying him a bit of cash.

I guess it’s many a boys dream to get to ride a road train and this old Kenworth with its Eaton diff was a cool ride , a Birdseye view of the limitless horizons.

Reached Bedourie before midday and set about repairing flat tyre number 2 on my Surly bike. I had intended to ride , but as chance would have it there was this huge guy close by next to his old Kenworth truck , securing a load. I ambled over and politely indicated I was looking for a lift on the Birdsville.( about another 160 km )

“ do you think you can get your bike up on there?” he pointed to spots between other stuff on the deck. A deal was struck and I paid $28 to buy him a massive mixed grill for lunch- I insisted actually he didn’t demand . We finally set off for the 160 km run into Birdsville, with his huge gut straining his stained tea shirt and nestling comfortably into the massive steering wheel. He was nodding off a little so I kept him engaged in conversation to keep him on the road.

Nearing town he made a very kind offer to me to use of a free place to stay he owns , a shed / container unit with shower, bed etc. Better than camping and the flys here are thicker than Milford sound sandflies and as bothersome. Birdsville has a big weekend with its Rodeo so decided to stay on to see this. Salt of the earth – these rural Australians are very hospitable.

My 2 free nights in Birdsville – container apartment

Just one final meal at the very Old famous Birdsville pub , lamb shanks with lots of fresh vegetables – Keto as 😊

The ketogenic experiment is still very much on track , and despite the very limited choice in food I can buy hereabouts I am still managing to get sufficient eggs , meat and veg to cobble together a very low carb fare. Well see how I get on on the “ track “ With strong southerly winds blowing consistently ( on the nose ) for the next week or more life is going to be tough with 3 f’s . Funny when I eat at the pub I order , “ give me the fattiest chops,steak you’ve got please, no chips but double the salad “

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